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Feeling blue?
Not sleeping? Got the flu?
Stale air? Acne flair?
Nose stuffy? Beard scruffy?
Feeling groggy? Brain foggy?
We’ve got an oil for that!

Elevation is the creation of Lisa Ballard and Peggy Bostick. The definition of elevation is the act of lifting up, which encompasses their mission of “raising the vibration” of self, others, and the environment. Both Lisa and Peggy have been involved in the traditional healthcare system and have seen the benefits of stress reduction and relaxation and have formed an appreciation of a holistic approach to healthy living.

Elevation was created after experiencing first-hand the calming benefits of using one or two essential oils by Lisa’s son, who was diagnosed with autism. This encouraged Lisa and Peggy to research other essential oils to develop a signature blend that not only worked, but had a wonderful scent. By combining several oils, they developed “Bring it Down” and began to share it with others.

Amazed by the results they were seeing, they began searching for alternative pain relief solutions for Lisa’s husband after his third back surgery. Through the combination of five therapeutic oils known to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and decrease muscle pain and spasms, Loosen Up was created. They continued to investigate the properties of other essential oils and found many were effective in treating common issues such as sleep difficulties, congestion, and acne, which led to the development of Rest Up, Open Up, and Clear Up.

Elevation has since produced several other blends and are looking forward to adding more! To ensure quality and longevity of their products, only amber glass bottles are used, which are also environmentally friendly. (A win-win!) All products are made in small batches, and longevity is also ensured by combining top, middle, and base notes in each of their blends. In support of small businesses, they only purchase oils from reputable, non-MLM companies. Their mission extends beyond the holistic use of oils to include environmental awareness and an appreciation for the talents of non-typical peers. They offer a series of family-friendly classes to encourage care of the environment as well as classes with self-restoration and sensory themes. In addition, Elevation donates a percentage of proceeds to the local Sparkle Inclusive Cheer Team. Their goal is to provide meaningful employment for differently-abled individuals.

“We rise by lifting others”

Robert Ingersoll