Soon after Lisa’s husband had his third back surgery, he was diagnosed with Stage III Chronic Kidney Disease.  

Because of this, he was unable to take over-the-counter medications for any type of pain relief.  

In searching for an alternative, essential oils were suggested.

Her husband experienced mild relief using a single oil which encouraged Lisa and Peggy to research other essential oils and their properties.  

Through the combination of five therapeutic oils known to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and decrease muscle spasms and pain, Loosen Up was created.

Encouraged by these results, Lisa and Peggy continued to investigate the properties of other essential oils.  

They found many were effective in treating common issues such as sleep difficulties, congestion, and acne, which led to the development of Rest Up, Open Up, and Clear Up.

They have since produced several other blends and are looking forward to adding more!

To ensure quality, they only purchase oils from reputable, non-MLM companies.  They use amber glass bottles to preserve the quality and longevity of the oils, which are also environmentally friendly. (A win-win!)

To further promote their interest in environmental preservation, they offer a monthly drawing for a free product (?see promotions?).  

They also offer a series of classes to encourage care of the environment as well as classes with nature-inspired and self-restoration themes.