So maybe we should have considered taking a business class before starting this adventure, yet we dove right in….no painful belly-flops but no swan-dives either!  We combined individual passions and a mission and decided to give it a try. We loved our signature oil blends and feedback was positive! There was definitely a learning curve, though.  So may oils (and headaches)—mixing, (spilling), bottling, and labeling.

Thankfully, we were able to laugh our way through all the trial and error and have learned to work smarter.

There was the time we needed 200 drops of geranium for a diffuser blend and we lost count somewhere around drop 173 and had to start all over.  We also learned geranium oil makes us giddy and we would laugh until we cried and be useless for the rest of the day.

Approximately two weeks before our line of products were expected at a new boutique, it was brought to our attention that the dropper caps would spontaneously decide to remove themselves from the bottles.  So, instead of a soothing nighttime ritual using “rest up”, one could potentially become doused with an entire bottle of oil and wake up three days later. (Hello new supplier!)

We learned that a paper cutter vs scissors reduces the tedious process of cutting labels by 17.5 minutes and significantly decreases the risk of label destruction.  

Our first “big event” (a small one, in all fairness) we hauled 14 carefully separated bins of each of our blends.  We were so excited and at the same time, anxious we might completely wipe out our entire stock. We had one sale….to the girl at the table next to ours.  We are pretty sure it was a sympathy purchase, but we appreciated the love!

Since then, we have learned a lot, laughed a ton, and are becoming increasingly adjusted to “going with the flow”.  We hope to inspire all of you to do the same.

Most people have heard the phrase “raise your vibration”, referring to positive actions that raise one’s positive energy.  We like to say “raise THE vibration” referring to all the things that build you, others, and this planet UP (thus our catchy names:  perk up, soften up, loosen up—get it?). There are millions of ways to accomplish this and through our products, our classes, and blogs, we hope to inspire a few people….if not the world!!!

Thank you for visiting our site ☺